Stipulative Critique of the below ‘World-Governance and Nursing’ posts –


Stipulative Critique of the below posts upon –
Militantly “World-Beating” Individual-Consumerist-Capitalism
still “Win-Lose Adversarily Smothers” us;
and of the stultifying-perfection of “Holistic Nursing”.now “knowing-it-all”.

———————– .

(1)  To be being-handed-out multiple-human-livings
to the worldwide inhibition and exclusion of
Self-&-Civilisational Holistic Health Building and Longest-Teerm Co-Sustainworthy-ing”
is in itself not only Delusory buit criminally-malfeasant.


(2)  One needs to go no further into and through the 700+ pages of
Holistic Nursing
than the very first few pages containing “raisons-d’etre”, and absolute fundamentals

to see that its “overshadowing-owners”, its authors, and its “underlurking supporter” 
believe and think that they now
“know it all – and have also come to  know how to engulf anything else
[that they don’t yet happen to know but can “contain” by applying what they do now know – 9which is ‘All’) ] “.

——- page xxv  We all in this seriuosly “overloaded” world need to be clear about differences, contrasts,
and conflictuals such as

Illness-Treatment is not the same as  Health-Care –

page 3 “meaning” is not the ‘trumper’ of “common-sense”, “view”, “world-view”, nor of “life-experience-interpretation”:
a “meaning”* is merely “furtgher mere wordsn descriobing the word-in-question”


  • * the authors claim to be up-to-scratch in philosophical or “critical-thinkiug” senses
    (including therefore in the “sense” of their head-term “meaning”).

——– there will be more

but let us also quite ‘up-front’ acknowledge the many “good and adequate” things contained in this possibly ‘well-meaning’ Life’s=Work publication.  Must go choring now; than you  JSD Miles  site author, operator and pubglisher —– [2115pm]-