New “S-&-C-S’ing” practice–timeframe – under Forthcomming-Foundation Faculty – “Somatics” :-

.logged-in through Goodgle  via “Self-Touching – palpation .


“S-&-C-S’ing” practice–timeframe –
under Forthcoming-Foundation Faculty

starting with any sustainworthy Human Body Movement: palpation-ing  source-and-guidance
(published and affordable for the lowest-money-incomed people, citizens, residents or folk)

or “online” for (suggested) “Palpation Guidances”-

Here we bregin a multiple-cardinal-timeframes “drop-in” to


especially to “Self-Palpationing” if available .

Note:  “”touch” would be a good alternative word – “Touching”  –   “Self-Touching” -=

[approx]  12 midday start

not forgetting that “”Self-Healing” is the only proper and true term, there being no “Healers” – only “Healing Helpers”.

Also, that “complementary-therapy” is our primary –

not “treatment”, nor “medical” nor “alternative”.

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we need to be co-maintaining our pro-gress