…… The Roots of Your Culture – happen to have some “bad” as well as many “good” ———–> 1810 Friday 25th ———–>



The Longest-Human-&-Earthlife-Term Human Task

that we each need to be 100% serving
if we are to thrivally-survive
and be both wholly-positive-civilians
and Natural-Life-positivising huimans

is a tree-fold one of

Holistic Health Co-Building

“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthy-ing”
“Sustainably-Sustaining both of those Essentials”.


That understood, we have personally-observable Factors and Facts, and Histories ,

to inform, help and guide us-

but these must include the “bad” things going on, ansd .

Point#1 :-  Today Friday UK News reveals that a “child-harming adult (man)”
was allowed by the British Police
to continue roaming and molesting children
long after they the p[olice had been informed of that crime-life.


our Traditional Royal Establishmentarian Constitution and “Democratic-Ruleof-Law
calls such criminals
“child-lovers” – “paedo-philes”.

and we The People,
right down to you and me as “mature law-abiding and democratic adult citizens”-

continue practically centuiry-after-centuiry
to support –
by complicity accepting it
that disgusting mis-titling and dis-information-ing..


Many other instances of such cultural-corruption prevail –

you don’t need binoculars nor a non-demented memory fo recognise them or to search them ou.-

neither should you be letting “the buck” be passed-to
(“because that’s the way Democracy and Loyal-Consumerism work”)
held legally-tightly by the profiteeringly-privately-owning super-rich few
and their privately and mercenarily-overpaid armies of “police-life-dutiful” ‘citizens’.


And so this voluntary Not-for-Profit, Power nor Prestige group of three e-sites is here

to  pro-activate and join-in a
Human-and-Civilisationa- Behaviour
Peaceful-Sustainworthying-Movement ————————->


[1810 Friday 25th]