“Lifeplace-Tacking” –


“Lifeplace-Tacking” – as an wholesome lifeplace self-enabling “Earth-citizen” –


 “Tacking”– -> essentially it has to be
the “adversary winds and walls”
of the
Professional -Workplace Social Mobility Indiviually-Capitalistic Pyramid
and its myriad of Single-Skills and part-skills competitive ladders –


Here in this “Co-sustainworthying lifeplace” we have begun searching
and “lone-learning”
with the help of “holistic-health-building” courses, via the internet-computer —-.

With some such searches this attempt to learn lifeplace-enablements  it is obstacled [obstructed],
in that there is no Lifeplace Supportive Body, Institution and Associations in Britain.

Thus we have to sign-in to some “professional training” –

————- (  more later, on how we could progress this real-life-essential ) —— 0933