Landlord Affinity Sutton has emailed around, to advise of changes to their “Community Website & Forum”.

Here that is, with my unavoidable response :-


Dear Resident Involvement Forum member,

Just a note to let you know that our Resident Involvement Forum will look a little different in the coming few weeks. The reason for this is that the website on which the Forum is based is being upgraded so all of the site’s pages are being refreshed from a design perspective, including the Forum. Everything else will stay the same so you’ll continue to use our online community in the way you have always done and with the same log in details.

The changes will go live during Thursday 31st August and you’ll have ongoing access throughout the update. If you have any queries before the 31st August please contact Ryan Edwards (ryan.edwards@clarionhg.com). If you have any technical queries after the site changes there will be an online chat tool available taking you directly to help and support where needed.

We hope you like the new-look Forum and continue to join in the conversation!

Many thanks,


.I can’t join in “the conversation”

because you have wrongly and domineeringly banned me from full-participation

and are also trying to avoid and exclude the ‘peaceful-revolution’
that is so desperately needed to be ‘grown’ if the domineering worldwide win-lose adversary-conflict
continues its malfeasantly-extinctive and destructive overkilling of this Earth’s Lifesupports
and its denial of good new advances in holistic-health-building and human-developmental Knowledges and Know-Hows –
for some of which sources and guidances I have previously been advising you to peruse through the three not-for-profit, power, nor prestige voluntary e-sites
http;//lifefresh.net ;
www,one-human-living.com ;
www.lifefresh.co.uk  .
And also I have asked you –  especially including all the overarching boardrooms –
to seek out the submissions (over 600 now) that I am still making, continually since May 2010,
to the House of Lords’s small-voluntary-group of sitting peers in their ‘two-way participatively democratic public-reach-out’
http://lordsoftheblog.net .
As things so ‘laggardly’ are and ‘set to remain’
primarily still excluding the ‘No-Lose’ Method III of Needs-&-Hows recognition and ‘win-win-win’ Cooperative Problem Solving –
your Affinity Sutton and associates is a “closed-organisation” tacitly claiming to be “perfect” and not in need of any new learning –
– how can such as I take part ? – it’s impossible.
Still with my good regards ,
John SD Miles  tenant 39B(1) Miles Miitchell Avenue, PL6 5LY.;