Our Co-Sustainworthying Big Task ___today from ‘now on’ ————–> [next main-start 1030 —>1200 ]


our task has always to be

“All-Rounding” immediate-&-longest-term Basics, Foundations, & Carry-Forwardables”

beginning now with the body, the whole-body, and nothing-but-the body     0842

0849  pre-viewing some “Hath a yoga poses  for the disabled”  – can be found online –



until at least the next 90-minutes Whole-Body Timeframe starts (0900)

all “HEGRES”:

then we’ll be running only the preparational-movies until at least this afternoon -..
e.g. Hegres-Art .
“Clarice Behind The Scenes”  (woman self-doing)
“The Art of Touch Massage” (man being helped by woman)
(now ——–> ‘on

—–> from  0907)

0911 ————–


.[now, then … … we’re just long-pausing …

.our self-learning  video is “Penis Teasing  Massage”

[likewise longpaused at the beginning

where the heterosexual-female ‘teaser’ has just loosened her loose red ‘sarong’ standing between the feet of the face-upwards reclining as-yet-flaccid male’s submission-positioning]

we’ll try to remain ‘faithful’ to our stated situation and timeframes, , timeslots and shorter timeslits:  pretty well always we make a clear and sustainworthy change at the 90-minutes + 10 approaches and departures.

Next change-over 0659 today W23 08 17 —- happy-co-dreaming —- (0555)


0430 100-minutes “conscious-dreaming” time-slot already under-way [time now 0435].


 Pursuing the Holistic-Human-Developmental Model(s) –

focally too, trying to frequently-continually integrate our various hetero- (and other- ) seriously non-procreational sexualities, therewith and therein [0437]