INTERIMS (1935 —> 2133) 2147

I’ve just looked through the below PornHub “Slow Gentle … with Prostate Massage” clip omce more,
and note that the giving-woman uses just her other hand forefinger all the way through –
and it is also worthy of note
that when the man is about to ejaculkate
she “coaxing followingly” slows slightly and gradually eases-off –

instead of the dominant mistake of “hard-faster-driving” the thing to “make absolutely sure it happens and fully finishes”.

==================== –

Other such observations and thoughts arise, during this kind of “co-sustainworthy-ing”.


Our own progress is quite “vulnerably-alone and possibly- risky” that’s one reason for starting out “slowly and tentatively butg steadily  gently]

but often It’s a bit like “safe-researching” –

– you quickly skim through book after book
simply noting the title and making one or two words of “likelihood” about each,
or even ‘quickerly’ giving each an initial 0 – 10 “score”…

Such is our current ‘case’ here, with skipping through websites to select “probable good guidances” –

one such I’m watching now 2100 to about 2110 is in the VoyeurStyle site under
“Erotic Penis Stimulation – gives an ‘incredible’ orgasm”

  • also some ‘porn’-sites do have “hidden” in them “somewhere” quite positively enabling and caring performances,
    and ‘clean’ word-descriptions thereto;
    another example just found is in PornHub as “Slow Gentle (Penis) Handjob With Prostate Massage” (by the ‘giving woman’s other hand fore or middle finger)”
  • and we still have to be second-to-second maintaining our own personal positive-sevenfold-innate divine-energies:

so I wish to continue “reporting back” to you – “my friends-in-co-sustainworthying” –

will this be alright with you  ?


Naturally what-goes-on between major actions and events may be a controlled “interim” –
a “fill-in” ————->but here
our WORDS posts show up again :-

an Interim can be, and often actually is, as important as,
or even more important than, but-not-so-urgent-as,
a main-or regular activity.either-side of the interim.

Our Words also prompt us about “spin-doctoring misnomers”

one outstanding instance is a ‘novel newly-‘correct’ little word’
displacing appropriate terms such as
“general knowledge detail”


NOW Wednesday evening we are carrying on –

from 1900  we began un-pausing (frequently)

Charlotta Tantra Temple Massage

and other guidances.    (1935)