Continuing our all-round-divine human-energies (1) preparation-pursuit 2115

0427  0430 back into hegre-arts educationals

 During pausing,, other massages may be sought, such as the “Total Touch” _

also allowing one to select, for instance the “POV Massage” is ‘salutary’ in that it begins ‘non-pushily slowly” but ends with a quite strong and fast well-oiled “wank” –

I consider that to be “preliminary discussionand-‘passive–viewing’ material, before following it through not as ‘beginners’
(the man has very clearly and explicitly been ‘pent-up’ for a long time, without relief) –
so this one,  ‘safety-and-skill-wise’,  is more suitable as more advanced tjerapeutic further-educatio.

Whereas “Educational Penis Massage mihjt well be recomende for beginners – except that once again the man has clearly not been relikev ed for some time – so thatg might need some considerable paujsing not in our viewing but in the woman-masseuse’s “staging”: it turns out to be one long ‘therapy’, somewhat “inexorably-driven …

(2133 I’ll look around for a true-beginners film —> such as “Caressing Carina” by a real male ‘expert’) ..


I feel sure the present “Penis Educational” One one should have been sub-paused into at least three stages, even stages of just one or two minutes each, for “breathingrhythms awarenessing and improved self-p0control, too.

If one of my dedicated viewers finds a really first stage beginner action , please share it here –

thank you.       (2139)

  • =====================================================================
  • 1709-the “Double Pleasure Massage” is a good preparation for the greatest of all “sexuality-spheres” –
  • as are other heterosexuality-intended films – “”Female Tantric Temple Massage”  (1744)
    the “Co-Sustainworthying for Life Heterosexual-Threesome-Basis for the Closed-Adjustable Heterosexual Spirit-Net and Real-Bodies Community” .

We’ll have that and some other heterosexual developmentals, in every 90-minute timeframe. (now 1734)

  • .We refresh our “preparation pursuit” 

    ready for our next cardinal-timeframe to begin ‘co-participatively’
    on our “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Spirit-Net” –
  • from 1800 through 1930 to.2049 preparing “Femdom Massage” and “Educational Penis Massage”_ _ _ _ _  for the 2100 to 2240 timeslot
    and frequently paused for coassimilation –
    during which 2100 (today)
  • —————–
    .2049 preparing “Femdom Massage” and “Educational Penis Massage”_ _ _ _ _  for the 2100 to 2240 timeslot
    and frequently paused for coassimilation –
    during which
  • ————————————————————————–
  • 1630 ( we awoke) from a dream – now 1703 
  • [of an ‘informal church community in the Background
    and my informal organ practice right up to a service-congragational time] –
  • .=====================
  • .
    1445  I’ve just received a question, through the “Co-sustainworthying Spirit-Net” :
    Please publish (here and now) some practical steps for our essentially frequent and “nodal” – “Integration-ing”
  • Take our ‘midway’ ‘centripetaling’ from our extremnities in-towards our ‘centre(s) –
    [focally below that’ll be from our toes, ankles kness hips and downwards from our head fingers forearms upper arms
    and from all areas of our all-ober body skin
  • eventually towards our anal and genital areas.

  • (1) Beginning always with a very gentle “may I start here?” single non-spreading touch – slowly and lightly broadening in circles,

    then for instance in moving upwards from the toes

    (2) having ‘enlisted’ all of the toesi, you slowly ‘advance’ towards the ankle the @secret-of-success’ being

  • (3)  progressively ‘overlapping’ your sliding and circling hands, such that no area is suddenly “suddenly left all-alone” ).
  • ——————–
  • Let me kmow if that micro-skilling should stands “us” in good stead –
  • which it seems tome to do,
    even if any-one ‘covertly’ improves on it further or not.]

1421 ———– onwards ———>

  • this is “holisticly” of our Divinely-Innate-Human-Energies –

which you may recall begin at the Earth-ground you are presentlyand hopefully  enjoying the support of – which we called our 0 (Nought) pre-chakra;

with which the legs link that Earfth with chakra 1 – the spinal-coccyx and its branches.

We proceed upwards through both Time and Quality
Chakra 2 is the “breadbasket” energy and its branches;

Chakra 3 is the enertgy-centre that both defends you from invadingothers and controls your own invasion of others (Solar plexus);

Chakra 4 brings (me) a problem, of the heart –
but also of the left lung (having two lobes)  and the right lung (having three) – which provide your prtactically continuous life or “prana” energy and its branches;  so I ‘think’ of 4a Relationships  4B of “life prana” ;

Chakra 5 is at the Throat and laryn -providing you with Sounding energy and its branches;

Chakra 6 is the “third-eye”
(in Christian sacrament terms “innate-ordination”,
in somatopsychjic terms your inwards and outwards “Facing”  energy and its branches).

Chakra 7 is your ‘Crown’, “thousand-petalled lotus blossom’,
(the Christian sacramental energy of “Unction”). and somatopsychic “Spacing” energy and its branches.

We also ‘posited’ an eighth “divine-energy”
which is not so much an internal “centre” as the ‘upwards’ connecting-channel
between your “crown” energies
and the both “universal” and “personal”
‘Presence of the Divine-Itself’


That understood, in order to arrive at our previous civilisational
“pure sexual-self-or-mutual pleasure/pleasuring centre” [non-reproductionaly] –

we need to be at-one with our Earth, our Root, and with the connectging branches into our Sexual-energies –
and this is called (1) Ground yourself then
(2) Centre yourself.
(3) satisfy the “breadbasket”needs
[here that was 1300 unrtil ‘now’ say 1345

(4) begin at all the extremities of the body with slow gentle touching and ‘smoothing’
inwards towards first the heart
then the anus,

and “finally” – slowly gently- simply ‘suggestively –
progress to the whole of the genital surrounding and “crutch” area….


At this ‘point’ – video viewing will probably help you to “keep within your balance limits” –

well-suggested are :-
the most ‘normal’, ‘natural’, or “hedonisticly-aesthetic scenes”, from  –

which should be frequently paused, by the way –
for your essential (or co-essential) ‘holisticly-healthy assimilation and integration’.

Here “we” now watch beginning with “Couples Sexual Wakening”
or (your choice) “Blistering Lingam Massage” [which is far from being “blister-ing” and is in fact “quite quiet and cool”]
and/or a
“Yoni massage” [there’s quite a number of these, too]


(1252 for 1300)