Another Thing –

1025 >   So “No News Is Good News”.  No-one has made conta t with us (especially not with me yet) –


The next cardinal timefram,e begins at 12 midday.

Happy Co-sustainworthying -.


—-> About Our Self-Neighbours-and-Civilisation Sustainworthying

is the “order-ing” of our Sources and Guidances –

(as I am at this time, for instance) –
and this needs to include “right-sexuality-progress”

so, further essentially
(with a seriously heterosexual co-exploring and learning partner)

[this would be similar to other levels of “Order-ing”

in most of which we need to view videos , and discussingly-so together;
as well as agree printed sources and guidances –

Let me pause, for any-one who wishes to respond or comment —–
———say for periods of 90/180 and so on  minutes +
plus one-off 10 minutes at the end to allow for dream recognition, finishing and noting —

would you be alright with this ?

(0731 Tuesday 22nd)  0735-

0737 now, and I’m due for a rest-break anyway
so see you again just beforeour first 90 minutes + 1o is up > tha’ll be within a few minutes either side of (say) 1030 today —>