Update Reminder 0943

0943 Monday 21 August 2017.


Our notional graphic of a

“Self-&-Civilisation Sustain-Worthy-ing Virtually Adjustable and Progressively-Ringed Plenum Round Table” –

‘surrounded’ by sub-groups adjustable and ringed round tables –

in turn surrounded by prioritised bookshelves along the walls –

in a very large Hall or multiple-rooms Conference Centre –

supports the radically-peaceful-revolutionary Movement for
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustain-worthy-ing” –

by definition
needs radical changes to existing Constitutions,
if not a radically-new World-Constitution –
in turn intimating radical improvements in the existing United Nations Constitution
and in derivative ‘branch-governances’ under that.


Here and now, however, we need to continue ‘prioritising’ our Sources and Guidances,
and as in a previously recent post, to focus our attentions primarily upon the neglected new advances for our
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustain-worthy-ing Movemen (so to speak) t-

and only thereafter give time to other supportive, relevant and carry-forwardable ‘material’ , such as -:-

Democracy in Chains¬†– the deep history of the Radical Rights stealth-plan for America ¬†by Nancy MacLean —>
which may not contain any ‘immediate and important’ remedial or counter measures


[any observant or ‘ahead’ reader, please comment-in to us if finding a higher priority for such work as this]