RITUAL; and its Varieties’ various places in (1) The Old (2) The New –

is not just an important, and often “urgent”
of any civilised nation and person,
we mostly think of and do it as “religiously-awe-paced ‘drill-movements’ “;

but vocal rituals also “apply” –

e.g. the chanting of a mantra.

————-  A goodly company of our “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustain-worthy-ing Movement Members” also strongly recommend
that we each be constructing our own individual little rituals – as “helpmeets” along Life’sLong-Long-Trail-A-Winding —————————–>-

Ritual can include various kinds of Dancing
and of “slow-motion” Tai Chi-like sustained progressions.., too.


The “Can+Can” can also be slowed down to an almost “dead-slow ‘mark-time'” –
simply as one of our “fill-in” rituals –

as can “Why Are We Waiting …” (tune “O Come All Ye Faithful”)


  (1)   “Can You See Me Dance The Polka -” ( one-two-three-hop …)

(2)  “Can” the leader whose ‘bawls’ swing us all.by day
and give us sustainworthy “Cans” by night …  …    …   ?

————- ritual-choring ——1151 ——>