Wayside Comment


A quite vital ‘realisation’ is that many dreams are actually part of other people’sor anothere person’s dreams, too.

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Another realisation is that
one’s feeling that “the right person” is actually sharing one’s “self-healthing” or “onanistic-self-relieving” timeframes ,
by the minute,  or even for the ‘whole-night’-

may all be fantasy –


  • “God-given fantasy”  –
    and it could be true trhat the “right person” or the “right group”
    is actually “in harmony” with one’s dream;
  • or with one’s expectation of “mutually or co-consciously-controlling and wishing” progress
  • but we do seriously need “Mutual-Self-Healthing Local Groups and Associations”
    in which to keep ourselves balanced, “on track”, “sane”, and “co-supportive”.

It is a Human-Race and Civilisation tragedy that such associations and groups are not legal-entities in the U.K. –
and so are not allowed to be founded and registered.