By this time ———


By this time –


The Foundation works could have been visited or re-visited ——– e.g. the Mindellian Foundation series [Lao Tse Press]——————————-v

—- so we do that now  v

beginning with their Rising the Horse Baackwards —> which evidently some tribes of people actually do, “culturally” or “sub-culturally”, in this world.

Just before continuing, ‘though: ————— Some mature and life-experienced people used to say that
“Anyone who keeps on writing “essential books” has by that selfsame “necessarily-wise- focus e-become “broadly blinkered” – “questionable”.”.

That’s “true” ?  

Well it was said of Carl Gustav Jung’s writings, and of many others’ —–> and yet today we need to re-visit Jung if only for the notions of

Extraversion being our first life-essential,
from the very beginning of our individual life,
and probably very much so to be nurtured well before the elderly end of our life——————

“shadow-balanced” by Introversion ——–>v

and then by Ambiversion
(the “ideal” “life-set” or “self-set”)

[this further essential-should-be widely both noted and remedially-acted-upon] :
the “highly-successful” Workplace Personnel Selection and Management ‘psychology’ duo,
Myers and Briggs –

left out altogether;
as they also did Jung’s fifth basicly-essential mind-function of Transcendence —-

—————- 0549  ——— Plea: that’s this one nonogenarian’s “stint” for now folks —– 0555——-> but back soon Sunday the 20th