Health versus the NHS-&-Ministry-of-Health – “United-Kingdom”

[ Fore-Flash :-  Spain has its own Holistic Health building service – quite separately from its medical “NHS”.
(have their visiting Royals mentioned this here, and encouraged Britain to ‘take-the-baton-and-run-better-with-it’  ?) ]

We need to be ever clearly

that are the real-life-human-health-wellness-and-wellbeing world’s Needs
and the re-educational and ‘subtle’ remediations needs of Britain’s
non-medical “Complementary” and “Alternative” ‘sub-sectors’

and establish “Holistic Health” as a legal-entity
and in practice and profession absolutely separately from Britain’s biggest-sickness-employer,
the unfortunately-misnamed-and-imbalancingly-over-super-empowered NHS –

with its essentially “emergency”
and “chronic-degenerative-diseases-caring”
branches for
Injuries,  Illnesses, Hospitals,
and its robustly-invasive Medical-“Care”
{i.e. “kill-it-quick, evidence-based treatments-cum-palliatives, and nation-wide ‘clinical’-monopolisations”} –

which nonetheless that NHS does contain procedures and scientific-thinking  absolutely vital to our civilisation –

but not to the de-facto and ‘legal’ exclusion
of 63+ millions of peoples’ neglected primary need
for Holistic Health Building
as a quite separate
(if much smaller and far less costly) service than the Medical and the NHS)

the monopolistic-consitutioning of the NHS,
along with the exclusion of Holistic-Health and Health-building
as a legal-entity in British Life
are increasingly resulting in we British
commanded by such NHS and flawed Ministry of Health thinking as indicated above
literally  all  “shooting-ourselves-in-our-own-feet”.


That said and inwardly-digested, today’s “”warring” news fails to show our champion scientist Professor Stephen Hawking,
or any-body else,
as being in unequivocally wholehearted and proactive support

for our own British desperately-needed
(and absolutely separately from the “NHS” smallest-neighbourhoods-established)

British Holistic Health Building Service.


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