A Word please –


 Yes; all too often it takes only one word to “internally” sabotage
a Law,
a Constitution,
a Bill –
a Life –

even to place all Life on Earth under serious threat of extinction – …….
such as with “Sustainability
within which there is no sine-qua-non for making such sustainment Longest-Term

And with constitutions, legioslations, regulations and objects-of-association,
a further insidiously-flawed word can gets easily added as the Bill is made into Enforcement Act –

and then even further words get added
“wrong/weasel/loophole/emphememal/internally-sabotaging” words
can be ‘crept-in’
to make the Act less-fit-for-purpose
or even altogether non-enforceable.

And even worst-oif-all, to result in the Opposite from meeting-the-Need it is intended for.

—————  from your experience, select a few instances of such Faulty-Wording ————

“Our soldier was accidentally shot by our own troops”
has been made today “Killed by friendly-fire”:

Police “evidence for the prosecution” in  a Court of Law
“That is only the defence-witness’s perception of the incident..
In reality that was not the case at all;
they must have  imagined or mistaken it”.


That is why youir self-&-civilisation “sustain-worthy-ing” needs such sources as

Six Thinking Hats by Dr Edward de Bono;
in meetings, certainly in governance ones, we each and all need to be aware of what type of Thinking is needed,
and what type minute-to-minute “thinking” is actually being used.

Inductive & Practical Reasoning 
by Girle, Halpen et al.
We need to know what types of phrases and sentences are not statements inclusible in logical argumentation or in formal-moral reasoning
(except for being overtly identified as being non-logical, and thereby are not ‘arguable statements’  –
such as “O My God!” (exclamation), “Shut the door” (command), “pupple spekked morfinidit” (non-sense) )

How To ‘Win’ Every Argument
by Professor Madsen Pirie.
By identifying fallacies in opponents’ arguments, you ‘win’.


———-There is more —-
such as the likewise-sabotaging effect of a “missing-word”
or of the “enthymeme” completely-missed-out piece of reasoning,

and of deliberate-ambiguities – “Nothing is better than Skylight Skin Salve”.

2033 ——– later ——-