Sustain-worthy-ingly Carrying-Forwards : being both self- and others- vigilant

Do -.

  •  Correctly identify both matching and mismatching Expectations –especially the insidiously parasitic
  • “pie-cological” toxicly-mind-deceiving purely-Escapist Psychological and Psychiatric Projections.
  • {This isa  life-threateningly serious major  Matter, since our psychioatric professions as well as most if not all others
    are labouring under the Del;usion that they are (each) many more than just one-human-being}
  •  (see ]

———————– .

“Before swallowing the potato, remove any poisonous green “solanum” which can “lurk”  nder the skin”

You -as well as We –
have to sort-of –
“Sort the wheat from the tares; the girls from the boys;  and the boys from the men”..

Further Do’s and Don’ts

Do “rein in” both what you do and say to others (and about others)

Don’t allow others to “dump” tyheir own “baggage” or “duties” upon you :  interrupt
and switch to a co-healthy matter.

This is very serious and deeply dangerous”stuff”,
for every one of the 7-plus billion individual ‘souls’ on the planet
to be ‘sustain-worthy-ingly progressing with.

— 1939 ———— more chores ————->  2055 for 2100  probably “bed” ——>