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 and  –  How Could Any-One ‘Begin-Life’ – “all-over-again” ?


Certainly we need to continue what we already Value, as clearly as possible –

and “collectively” we most-certainly need to become
as “super- co-clear” as we can .

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e.g.  “friendly fire”  versus  “accidentally-shot-by-own-troops”


“Heigh-ho – heigh-ho — it’s off to work we go —“

beginning with some ‘mindfully’ clear differences and distinctions –

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Part One: The Background :

A.  Historically.

(1)  Every human-civilisation in the past has failed for the same ‘reason’
( = ‘lack-of-reason’).

They have all failed to fit-in-with and supportively-manage
their Environments.


(2)  Natural-Evolution ‘grew’ at least the first two brains – the “lower” and the “middle”.

(a)  The “lower” is the primary reptilian brain,
which all animals from the Reptile level “upwards”, have.
It is naturally established right at the top of the spinal-fluid. and provides defensive Instincts.
We humans call it “The Rhinic Brain”.

Natural Evolution then “goes on” to further ‘grow’

(b)  the “second” brain  (‘enjoyed’ only by Mammals)
which provides our various Intelligences
having been “snapshot-informed” by our Body-Senses
vis-a-vis our Environmental and our inner-‘guts’ goings-on.
We call this larger middle-brain “The Limbic Brain”..

  The “third” brain is
(c) our human Intellect
with its [also successively-] ‘layered’ – ‘ levels’;

and we call it “The Supra-Lymbic Brain”.

Here we are given “pause”,
because we humans are the only lifeforms on this planet Earth to have this “Supra-Lymbic Brain”;

as well as being the only creature on this Earth to have enjoyed/endured

for instance, from being ‘quadrupeds’ to standing and walking-running, just on our two ‘hind’ legs:

new “strength” is almost always at the ‘cost’ of an ‘opposite’ kind of “new weakness”.

And we became the only creatures on Earth to “discover” gold
(and to have absolutely no use, no ‘brain’, and no “technological-genius and practical-know-how” for getting and utilisung it, whatsoever –
as things were on this Earth – up to that “sudden-rocketing-into-Metals” 120,000 years ago ) –

ands further astonishlingly, to be the only ones to “discover” metals –
that if you super-super heated certain rocks, they would deliver you a white or red hot runny “metal” –
which [further amazingly] our bare hands could make both into tools and lethal weapons.

Well, this leads us to “research” History, and the still-evolving natural-facts;
along with “re-visiting” our ongoing Civilisational discoveries,
and to become continually searching for more knowledge and ‘clues’.

One or two  major “possibilities” prevail, and are “persuasive”

(i)  Archaeological evidence points to our having been seriously visited by “Extra-Terrestrial Advanced Intelligence Beings”

120.000 years ago when we were still quadrupeds “crawling around”
[such as into long caverns where nuggets ofd gold could be found –
and brought out for the technological-use of the Visiting-Friendly-Aliens/Extraterrestrials”

without yet this homo-sapiens sapiens Intellectual super-powered-brain having become at all effective.-

The “well-meaning” advanced ETs must have somehow “grafted” or injected-into-some of our ancestors,
“improved brain development bio-chemicals –
or even small ” ‘grafts/transplants’/’improvement-substitutes’ ” from their own super-advanced “top-noddles”


Part Two

Human Civilisation Development


Part Three

We start finding new “nebulous”, “tender”, “far-fetched” ideas –

one of which presents mind-clarifying and deconflating -help


(Workplace 40 hours per week, Lifeplace the remaining 128 hours)..

Actually, the Workplace is is in considerable contrast,

even conflict,
with the Lifeplace’

The Workplace – is “safer” than the Lifeplace

(a) belongs to the Employer;

as does 
(b)  the choice of the Skills the workers must arrive-with:

(c) the workers have no need to spend their own money in the workplace for the workplace or for the employer;

(d)  the Workplace is far safer than the Lifeplace –
(i)  The Government requires the Employer to maintain the Workplace “safe” and “efficiency-friendly” for all in it
(ii) the Employer requires the worker to “be on top of the skill s/he comes with and uses”.
(iii)  the Workplace requires only 40 hours per week of such ‘super-safety’.

(e)  The Lifeplace (on nthe other hand)  demands 128 hours of “competitive, winner-takes-all.’slavery’ “
from each individual person including from all  “after-hours-workers”.

This now requires us to start-up some much further “think-tanking” –

to be doing more “self-de-conflation”, “self-delusion-clearing”, and “collective-‘eyes-opening'”
with also more  “scrutinisation” of such “taken-for-granteds” and “traditionals” and “established -cultural-values”
further questioning of  tenets such as
“But That’s Life”
and of
“That’s the way things are, that things always have been, and always will be”


and to move into other “re-scrutinisable” areas —–> [after self-healthing and ‘choring’  2100)


ZZZZZZZZ  2100   In Progress    ZZZZZZZZ
ZZZZZZ 1437 —–  [choring here )———>

yet to be looked at :-

not necessarily just with the unique “super-evolution” of the “third-brain” namely the Intellect.[*]
but with the strong-probabilityu

  •  the first Animalian brain is the “Rhinic” [the instinctual, ‘reptilian’ brain common from the long-ago “deep-survival” evolutionary aeons
  • ——
  • benevolent in these now later civilisational millennia, human-self-development has come “late-in-the-day” :
  • —————