The Insidiously Increasing Personal-&-Human-Race Debt –




The Insidiously Increasing Personal-&-Human-Race
that dominates and dooms
all of our tomorrows
and Life-on-Earth’s Longest-Term Future Survival Itself –

can never be repaid:

for instance

(i)  The USA’s government, peoploe, and military have long been
consuming, overkilling, and wasting –

as much as

than their fair-share of this Earth’s resources and produce.
– either blindly or deliberately-covertly

(ii)  The UK government, people and military have likewise been consuming and wasting
five times more
than our fair share….

. . . 

(iii)  An increasing shortfall has long been moujnting
between the Earth’s “carrying-capacity” and our Human-Race’s “economic” demands upon its Lifesupports – worldwide.

Privation, collapse, and extinction
in rapid succession
are now “on the cards” –

We have become runaway “Self-Dooming”
simply because

there is no “Plan B Sustainworthy Human Civilisation”
-“working and waiting-in-the-Wings” –

nor is there any ‘healthy-sufficfiency’ of families and neigthbouirhood groups
able and willing to meet-together ‘No-Lose’-Cooperatively Problem-Solving
and beginning to  plan and implement

{ without waiting for Establishments and The United Nations “on high” to “hand-down” – }

a Longest-Term-Sustainworthy Plan.

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