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 Pre-pointers :-

(12)  Our “Human Eneries Mind” –
being comprised of your, others’, and my,  individual minds –

and there-around and therein of our various “hierarhcically”-progressive group and community minds —

it behoves us to remember that in “real-living” –

as in
and-multi-spectgively awarely-awaking that-from –

tyhe imageryis basicly – or ‘naturally’ – “the Divine-oriented” –

(trying to “resolve” some inter-life-supports difference, contrast or conflict –


Instance:   I just “dropped off”, and “dreamed a real-life ‘social’ dream –

with “reaql-interacxtioning” with young persons an d “progressing” in familially-inter-balancing ways –


a ‘sub’vignette’ therein had a young late teenage, even twentie3s, “girl” “alongsiding” with me –

and allowing me to gently touch her –

which the “open-community or neighbourhood timeframing was generously allowing to continue uninterrupted in any way –

and the young woman continued in what she was in effect mainly doing, whioch was “yoga-flowing” herself –

and with eyelids-lowered, smiling “ethereally” and overall personally-enjoyingly ()-

my right hand it was, and more apprehensively went up to also “positively appreciate, stroke,  and support” her head and back of neck
her almost shoulder length flowing hair,
, which whilst appearing to be maybe tinted a reddish-ginger, was nonetheless “cleanly-natural” –

the dream thus flowingly continmued into further change of “vignette” – a line of the peer-aged males, abreast ‘gently dancing foiward “northwards” in comfortable-step —

and all “looking-up” –

====== now we should pause to “recap”
from our ‘so-far’ awake-real-life knowledge-and know-how

e.g. the Jungians say that  dreaming is communicatging your various energies and maybe ‘non-energies’,
and youre ‘expectations-of-life and of otherf people’ [“projections”]i
n the form of perceptible imagery –
“clothed-in-green ho-ho”
for instance

in the case of women dreaming some of these images are placed within “male body-forms’,
whilst males’ energies and ‘ life-situations’ are (likewise) given ‘female-forms’ –

—— (there is more from such sourcesd as the Jungian) ———-

but there is also the “teachable” enablements and “co-enablements”
of such major teams as the Transpersonal Psychology movement

such as the “Centering” ones  led by Professor Guy Hendricks,
his university-staff colleague (and lifeplace wife) Kathlyn,
and co-authors Wills, Roberts, and Fadiman –

are progressing with such advances as “Lucid Dreaming”  – which I liken to “daydreaming” – but perhaps not to “woolgathering” –
[published work includes The Centering Book  by Hendricks & Wills;
The Second Centering Book  by Hendricks & Roberts; and
The Moving Center by K. & G. Hendricks


which in turn reminds of more ‘ancient knowledge’ or ‘surmise’
and the Shakespearian wide-reach notion of

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on – and our little-life is roundewd with a sleep”;
“Life is a stage,. and all the men and wo,en merely players”


(“) Life is a ‘tale’ told by ‘an idiot’ –
who ‘struts and frets’ his hour ujpon the stage –
and then is heard

no more (“),

———————– chores again ————–

but there are many carryable-forwards (or carry-forwardable) ‘memopries’ and scraps of memory –

mostg of us still have ‘tune-snatches’

-“Row, row, row yhour boat; Gently dolwn the stream; Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrioly –
Life is but a dream”
——  .

” – so on we go –

His welfare is my concern —“


“I Had TGhe Craziest Dream … last night, yes I did …”

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