We are doomed

both personally and populationally

our Militantly-Technologised & Weaponised Human Race
on this now-increasingly-crippled planet Earth is

(1) extincting living and irreplaceable Lifeforms [mammals, birds, fishes, smaller creatures, and plants]

(2) irreversibly destroying ‘non-living’ Lifesupports [oil, gas,. minerals, metals]

(3) completely failing to establish a longest-term
[ independently from the bottom-up and from the top-down ]
Strategic Plan
[tens-of-thousands of years ]

and here-and-now-immediate
Tactical stages 
[1 minute – 10 minutes 1 day, week, year 5 – 10-=–> 100 years at a time ]

[which at neighbourhoods, households, and levels
such ‘Self-&-Civilisation Sustain-worthy-ing’
could be started
“totally untrammeled”
] .

even those of us who are striving to be “self-&-civiliusatgion sustain-worthy-ing
[making longest-term as well as shorterst-term
are being prevented from peacefully-progressing in Sustainworthiness –
are being
“stirred back into”
the increasingly corrupt and life-destructive “Juggernaut” of
Militantly Adversary World Civilisation and Wildly-Ballooning Population –

where we are ‘to a man’ simply being ‘smothered’ by the ‘Juggernaut’


The Remedial Sequence cojuld be  :-.

Poorest-Individuals-upwards whilst overall The United Nations downwards


Self-& Civilisations Sustainworthy-ing strategy .
peacefully-revolutionary tactical-stages thereunder [1 year up to 100 years at a time]



———————–  1645 > 1707> 1710  Sunday 13 August 2017 -> chores call ————>