“Three Little Words” -> 2027 Saturday evening


Three Little Words —>

Not “crowding my mind …” please
and in a logical-sense ending
“Lord for your-own sake
Teach me to take –
One day at a time.”

–   –   – 

——->  This  World’s human-minds are already hugely-complexly “messed-up” by “words” –
and “evil-brood-wise” * thereunder
are both “manacled”
by resulting inadequate reasoning and cooperative-communication –
and thereafter by over-detructive – “deeds”

  • and in turn resulting in
    inadequate and “juggernauted” infrastructuring –
    and in “overarching” & “bottom-line” corruption and constitutional-militantism.in corruption of not only money and the “Human Civilised Financial-Balloon”
    but of minds and ther Common-Mind,
  • insidious and yet often “blatantly-bold–as-brass”
    Constitutional, Governance, Judiciary, Health, Educational, and “Sociall-Mobile Career Pyramids”‘
  • ,
    this all adding up also to core-corruption of our human life-force itself
    within both our Lifeplaces and Workplaces;
    but also in up-front bloody-warmongering.Human-“civilisation” has been made wasteful & destructive
    largely by inappropriate-wordings
  • leading to wrong and even habitually-bad conduct.

 –   –   – 

“The world is in a mess –
Whatever shall I do”

The Voice-Divine then whispered –
Just be making a better – you“.

–   –   – 

The point here –
and the Greatest-Ever-Task
that isfacing us all, the enabled and the disabled alike,
is to be
clearing and cleaning-up our personal and civilisational minds –

and to do this effectively we need to clearing and cleaning-up our languages –

our words. . .


“Accidentally shot in back by own troops”
is NOT – neither factually, mindfully, nor sanely –

Friendly fire”

there are ‘oodles’ (too-many) of similar “whitewashes”

that are constitutionally, educationally, religiously and everyday-commoin-sense-and mind-corruptinmg

and when they are further strung-out into “The Truth”
and into “clever and smart public rhetoric”
they result in
Worldwide Law and Enforcement action
then insidiously ‘hiding’ “Slippery Slope”
down which we are majorly sliding into



EarthLife destruction

–   –   –

;;;;; * compare with The Eight Deadlier Sins  by Huberty Libbey ;;;;;;;

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three little words
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