Only One Way

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be Sustainworthy-ing

both your-self and your “centripetaling” environment

Use an equation something like this –

{[my (total) good and right habits] – [my (total) bad and wrong habits] = my personal and civilisational Sustainworthy-ing Index score* [‘S-ing score’]

  • [best-possible 1.000000n] —-> suggestion Start yourself at 0.500n]
  • NB the higher the amount(s) you are drawing or being given from the Common Purse
    and/or from the Common EDnvironment,
    the lower your Sustainworthy-ing Index score is.;
  • and similarly, the more you ‘waste’ any of what you draw or are given the lower your ‘S-ing score’ will be.;
  • and  the more you reduce or omit doing good and right the [even] further down your ‘S-ing-score’ will be