Start Choosing –

Here’s a start -> see the red print at the foot of this page .(Wednesday onwards)

(then the   blue-print  below that, about “Death or Sustain-worthy-ing” House-of-Lords’s – today Thursday).

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We need to 

Start Choosing – .

what must be “disappeared” “banned” destroyed”
from the face, of this Earth and of Human Civilisation –

Who-&-who –
must be carried-forward, preserved, conserved


and we’ll hav e to include
“what people”

{are needed to be)


or prioritied-timeframe-wise

conserved and carried-forward->

Here’s a start with what to do-away-with and  what-to-keep  

(A)  Do-Away-With
(1)  Dissolve all Individual Capitalism

(B ) What-To-Keep
(n) re-establish those Companies under a new Worldwide “Participatively-Cooperative

Go ahead, add to that
or justify removi9ng it.



You are so stuck suppoerting the Failing-Civilisation
that you can’t even come to a friednly-discussion round-table –

including being ‘face-to-face with this reporter-publisher (me, Joihn Miles)


Abolishing the Death Penalty

Lord HyltonI have been opposed to executions ever since I became involved with cases of miscarriage of justice, many years ago.  The struggle against capital punishment goes on across the world, though rather slowly.

Some of you may have heard BBC 5 Live’s programme on 8 August.  This had an interview with Kris Maharaj and his wife, Marita.  He has been on death row in USA for 30 years.  His barrister claims that he is innocent.

The case seems to highlight the inefficiency and cruelty of some judicial systems.  In Saudi Arabia, fourteen men are facing death.  They include two juveniles and a disabled man.

Please work to get capital punishment abolished, wherever humane imprisonment is possible.



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1 comment for “Abolishing the Death Penalty”

  1. 09/08/2017 at 11:45 am

    I agree with you on the death penalty. However, I believe Kris Maharaj’s sentence was commuted to life imprisonment some years ago. I do think whole life sentences should be an option, although not in the unsanitary conditions Mr Maharaj is said to have suffered.

  2. 10/08/2017 at 10:14 am

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.We first and foremost need to have at least one immediate-&-longestterm Alternative to “killing-off”.

    We would not include the two extremes of “unsanitary conditions” (thank you, Jonathan)
    nor “mollycoddling” (three good meals a day, plenty of safe-solitude and supervised ‘socialising’…)

    [nor of course “bribery-corrupt ‘privileges’ – between warder and imprisoned”].
    I am a ‘voluntary unpaid champion’
    for “Self-&-Civilisation Sustain-worthy-ing” –
    promoting “population de-urbanisation” into peacefully-revolutionarily-new
    “Leasehold-only Sustain-worthy-ing-ly Lifeplace Cooperative Kitchen-and Market Gardening Estates”
    (please don’t laugh just yet –
    there’s plenty of cool background to this reasoning via –

    within which peaceful-revolution criminals too could be
    [e.g. barbed wire surrounding their caravans-sub-estate or ‘sub-corner’ of a larger ‘new-normal’ Sustain-worthy-ing Estate “]
    upon perhaps slightly less “comfortable” frugalities and productivities bases
    than the “new-normal” sustain-worthy-ing ‘new-mainstream’ tenants in the Main Estates…

    {let me “give way” here ?)

———————————————————- self-nursing; and choring ——————————————-1127 ————->