Although our future striding Astonomical and Technological workforces continue militantly “leading-the-way” –

we also seriously need to be “all-rounding” our-self and our surrounding Civilisation –
for Living (128 hours per week)

after we’ve progressively-successfully advanced in the 48 hours a week Workplace.


We need to be making both EarthLife and our own Human-Civilisation-ing -immediately and longestterm “sustainworthy and sustainworthy-ing”.

We also need to be “consolidating” all-round and in-depth –
to be daily personally experiencing the subtle differences in body feelings and sensations
when we do a bit of “self-all-rouinding”

e.g. I’ve just been changing hands with every spoonful of soup – many different subtle (“weak”) sensations are happening –

We are newly-awarely ‘combining’ the best of the Human Past
with the “brand-new” human-habituations we individually and racially need.

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