Order-ing Sustainworthiness and Ordering Sustainworthy-ing People

as at 0300 Wednesday 09 August 2017 -0537
0538 —->Assuming that between you and me there is at least a positively-spiritual “sustainworthy-ing link” –
we ongoingly need to “order” our sustainworhty-nesses >:-  thus
 [Not yet “one-human-living” ‘though it too is a highest-priority]
(1) “progressively home-&-kitchen gardening”
(2) bicycling to work instead of “private-carring”
(3) substituting unsweetened
(but full-cream-milky) tea, for coffee;
et seq genus omne (“and all that kind of thing”)

0549 choring ====================

Since it is apparent
that Mr John Sydney Denton Miles,
British citizen by descent and currently single tenant of 39B Miles Mitchell Avenue, PL6 5LY, U.K.
is the only person and organisation –
publicly proposing, promotiong and informing
through not-for-profit, power nor prestige e-sites http://lifefresh.net ; http://www.one-human-living.com ; http://www.lifefresh.co.uk ;
and by mention in submissions to the UK Westminster House of Lords’s voluntery-small-group 2-way reach-out to the public  http://lordsoftheblog.net –

a Peacefully-Revolutionary Transition
into a worldwide Sustainworthy-ing Civilisation
and therein by sustainworthy-ing individuals

[and dyads, threesomes, and progressively larger paticipatively Lifeplacing
and Participatively-Democratising
groups, neighbourhoods, localities, and larger areas

efforts must be made to Describe and Define this Sustainworthy-ing

==================================- .

Placing the Requisites of Sustainworthiness and of Sustain-worthy-ing People in Some Order.

I.A  There will be no “individual-” nor “private-” ownership.
only varyingly-timeframed Leaseholds.

All capital-assets will be Commonly-Owned
beginning with land, infrastructure, housing,
and transport [an end to “the private car”]


=========0411 ===>0421—–>   to be continued after other duties, self-carings, and chores havc been attended-to call==============