“Welcome” here has to be forewarned also by “Beware” :-

Welcome —–>

-to some current events of general human interest or concern

but also quite especially
to many unfortunately quite seriously neglected
advances in knowledge and human-developmental know-how

Your Body: biofeedback at its best without instruments, machinery or artificiality  [Dr Beata Jencks]

Superimmunity Mastering both your Emotions
and any tendency to be running your life
“too hot” (heart-injury may result)
“too cold” (cancerous disease may result)
Family, Friends, and Socially too
greatly neglected is the ‘No-Lose’ Method III
of Needs-&-Hows Recognition
and ‘win-win-win’ Cooperative Problem Solving  thereto
– originally by Dr Thomas Gordon
Leader Effectiveness Training;
Teacher Effectiveness Training;
(or People) Effectiveness Training’
Support websites
http://www.one-human-living.com  and
http://www.lifefresh.co.uk .

show considerably significant lists of ‘Basics’and ‘Foundations’
of such neclected and even “excluded” work,
{widely and deeply deliberately omitted from many Governments and Universities teaching material and recommendation.-}  

———- 1233  ———— choresd again call ——
remembering to ‘prioritise’ the ‘carry-forwardness’ ——>of “our” selected “sustain-worthy” elements of Human Life on this Earth—>

here the doctor has been, and encourages the “elevation above heart-level of any leg injury swelling”
which I now must do, since I’ve had my bruisy part down on the floor and we don’t need “clots” or whatever to result
from the blood not being able to rise up and be processed
by the heart and through the other internal organs and limb-movement,
do we ? —–1243