The “Living Co-Positively” Social-Difficulty and Personal-Progress-Barrier

the title says enough already ?

-maybe a slightly further enlightening ‘slant’ may be seen by interposing two words :_

The “Living Co-Positively” Social-Barrier and Personal-Difficulty. –

————————-  slowly choring, and clearing-out ready for big up-dating —– nursing right leg bad bruise, can hardly shuffle let alone walk —awaiting GP hopme visit soon —– 1025 —

Every authority
{not just the Foreign ones
such as the South African
where they failed to properly inform and warn
two British volunteer-charity girls
of the lethal-danger of a coastal beach waters}


retrospectively known widely locally to have drowning-currents
but not told to those young charity visitors
(whilst they were actually “on duty” with the hosting S African charity too)]
{see BBC TV News “Victoria” programme}


Every authority
including the British

Establishmental, Constitutional, Legislative, Judiciary, Health, Education, and Social,  –
and also British NGOs and “personal-support” agencies


“not fit for purpose”,
“lifeplace-individual neglectful and even victimising”


In this volunteer-public-informational not-for-profit, power nor prestige e-sites reporterand-pubisher – case,
which includes service as voluntary unpaid 24/7 carer and companion
(Plymouth CC registered number P77099)
to a senior-elderly great-ghrandmother widow

who has been ‘demonised’ by her neighbours in the Plymouth Community Homes accommodation
and by the staff therein
and further victimised and made homeless by them

and is nowe further “one-saided governmentally adversarily “Deprived of Liberty” and is being held in Amberley Care Home
and not facilitated to complete hetr need to mopve into a groundfloor with own garden 2BR flat or bungalow with her 24/7 voluntary carer
as recommended by the same goverfnment department thjatg got the carer to becpome 24/7 back in 2013 –

authorities and “social-majorities” like those
are simply no better than
the blindly military leviathan tanks
crushing through the defenceless peace-appealing public in street and squares civil-unrests.

—– impairfments and chores require me to switch over to their care now 1123 ———-