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New-Welcome -2

To our Sustain-worthy-ing Positively-Protesting-and Progressing Knowledge and Know-How –
and of course we believe that every one of us is doing our utmost to be
both personally-self-supportive
surrounding-environments Life-supportive 

Formal Argumentation & Moral-Reasoning.
Useful guidances

{leaving aside  histories-of-philosophers, altogether};

and focuding on Critical & Clear Thinking,
with the the Progressions respectively of Formal-Argumentation and Moral-Reasoning.}
Logic: thoery and practice 
by Rennie et al [contains useful list of Fallacies] ;
Inductive and Practical Reasoning 
by Girle et al;
[the only verbal-logic book I know that introduces Veith-Karnaugh ‘limitless’ rectangular’ mapping
as an improvement upon the 3-limit Venn diagramming]

How To Win Every Argument by Prof. Madsen Pirie;
[the subtle sales-talk ‘point’ here is that
“anyway you need to spot the fallacies and weaknesses in other people’s argumentation”
only then can you “always win” ! ]

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