We “Begin-2” by “Continuing” —->

We “Begin-2” by “Continuing” —-> some already-thought ‘worthy to be carried forward’ —?


-The Crossrail Skull, along with may similar archaeological finds, allows
our human-third-brain to begin some further
and enlightening
abstract    rerasoning        that’s “reasoning”
but perhaps ‘we’ should welcome the ‘typographical-accident’ to welcome the further abstraction of “re-reasoning” ?}  [1940 ; just broadcast on  TV]

{Its recording shows a further ‘earth-tremor’
under the very feet of our “civilisation leaders & rulers”
who ‘constitutionmally’ establish “reasonings”
such as “it is not accidentally shot in back by own troops”: it is actually  ‘friednly-fire’;
and similarly “clearly-thought-out” slippery-slopes onwards through the relentless civil ‘rule-of-law’ decades
of “advanced” human-thinking and judicial-proceedings –
with the  Police lawcourt favourite of
“M’lord,that witness’s evidence is faulty
because it is only their

of the incident”
[in short, they “imagined” even “fantasised” it}

Now we have been “dragged” through a “fair market advertisement” revealing that a human-civilisation  forward-carrying “creative-giant”

[Mitsubishi] has just actually “changed our perception”
(with some newfangled state-of-the-art “private” motgorcar “advance”) –

2015————— stay tuned ? ———— chores call ————-