On Beginning to Become a “Friendly Small-Neighbourhood” Group

0600 Sunday – Monday –>
and the life-leadership ‘book’ we are going to be co-living-
and -co- progressing with
is Amy B. Scher’s
How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can  – a Total self-Healing approach for Mind, Body and Spirit
published by LLewellyn,First edition – fourth printing 2016
[buy it via Amazon.(co.uk in Britain) (.com from USA elsewhere) ]

{Amy came into this world with a seriously insidious disease called -“Lyme”.
which, over the years and decades led her very personally and often professionally and publicly too,
through “the gamut” of remedial possibilities and (results-wise) non-possibilities.
The self-healing discovered is a sequential,
yet also often ‘random’, variety of “steps” and “blind-trusts”
that most of us ‘other people’ will have already also ‘discovered’ or ‘witnessed’,
in varying situations and amounts.

It is good to find such a ‘life-leader’ as Amy Scher
who has been both able and ‘enabled’ to bring together and clearly lay out before us
so many of the “self-healing necessities” that this striving-human-life –
on an also increasingly desperately “struggling” planet Earth -“demands” of us.


======== 1157 (chorings) ———-> 


Neighhbourhoods, as with “Communities”, come in widely varying numbers, types, and intents._
as doubtless do also the “sub-groupings” and even “cliques” within each of those –
0900 –  Sunday 06 August 2017——> 1127 ————–>

Pre-“basics” :—–>  (e.g.  “our vocabulary”, “common-language talk”,
“immediate necessities”, “beliefs or ‘life-intentions’ “,
“rendezvous places” ..-  “limitations but also abilities”…..

—- [when ‘chores’ call, how to begin “staying-tuned” ……. to each other, “all-round” ] —-> 0931..—–> 1200 ————>