Another Deeply Traditional ‘Civilisation’ Anti-Sustain-Worthiness-ing Barrier ——>0415

0100   -we can have the TV playing Classics FM
whilst we go about our chores
and our slow mini-movements as ‘concomitant’ self-maintainings –

without having to sit couch-potato-like –
to be tiringly watching the screen all the time –

(Adagio for Strings by Barber)-

Earth’s Natural Solar System “Life-Pyramid”
began billions of years ago
with the first lifeforms
and the wdiespreading essential-“clothing” of vegetation and greater forest-trees –

upon which all later Animalian lifeforms utterly depended
for both food and shelter –
and still do –
– and “always will”.

Every new “layer” of “naturally-evolving-consumer”
up the eco-pyramid
from tiny pure-vegetarians
to big carnivorous-only predators [such as sharks and lions]
each ‘level’ consumjng only 10% of its immediately-below natural ‘wild’ food-layer’

Homo Sapiens was likewise naturally eco-controlled —> until “God”
or “the Good Extra-Terrestrials

“gave” our Human Race
a very different,
and very-much-more and increasingly-more-destructive “pyramid”
of “tools”, “weapons”,
and of other external physical-world “technologies”,

and cleverly “seeded” in some of us an internally-rapidly-towering intellectual-brain
[the ‘supra-limbic’ and frontal-lobe ‘third’ brain]  –

which as far as we know is ongoingly “towering” –

but maybe no longer “naturally-evolving” much

and which is Earth-LifeSupports one-way-destroying and extincting
by “under-evolvedly-&-under-civilisedly” over-consuming and wasting

—————— kindly ‘stay tuned’ awhile  0321 ————>

So the Sun had been for many thousands of years  saving “potentially-life-supportive fuel”
by “depositing” stores underground in the form of tectonicly-buried vegetations and forest-trees

[which in time turned to both “fossil-fuels”
(that could be ignited into flaming fuel, technologicly-channeled
to provide a homo-sapiens-sapiens civilisation
with both domestic warmth and industrial heating]


[that could be ’employed’ as abstractional-tokens of “physical-value”  namely  “money”. [0331] .

– along with gold and coin-making metals –
the still “insidiously-incomplete”,  still-evolving-and-developing, human body and brain
to build successive

………………………………….Civilisation-Pyramids ………………………………..

================= {which also succesively have each been “collapsing”) ———–> 0339 further choring-time ——- stay-tuned ==========

0415   What is our “barriers” point, then ?

Each of these successively-towering [and colllapsing] human-civilisations has failed –

to accurately represent Earth’s Lifesupports
our ensuing Civilisation Resources, Commodities and Technological-Externsions,
and our Human-Mind-Functional &-Body-Movement Potentials

0420 —— stay tuned —-> chores chores chores —->