‘Ordersome’ Sufficiency (1800 F 04 08 17 ——–> 1839)

“Quantity” often must be ‘pitted’ against  “Quality”

for instance in the
(1) Vital-Lifesupports-&-Commodities “chessboard” of Supply versus Demand –

therewith also
(2) Earth’s Carrying-Capacity versus The Human-Race’s ‘Needful’-Demands -&-Destructions


Take the Earth’s earths, under what turns out to be “agressively-destructive human-civilisation “inroads” into these earths on Earth” :

(1) long before we “ran out of” new farming land areas of earth-
it was evident that the Earth’s earths’ natural stores of precious bio-minerals

(as is also in large-part intellectually and intelligently detailed
down the ‘long-ish’ lists of ingredients on many Multivitamins and Minerals packages)

have been being one-way-increasingly-consumed by our human-race
without being replaced
 and still ongoingly after many hundreds-of-years –

and this is a measurable fact, plainly visible [and only ‘one order removed-from-Nature’] in
(i) arable farming and market-gardening NPK “essential fertilisers” widespread large usages
onto (otherwise “dying” soils of croplands and farmfields
(ii)  Garden Centres selling NPK “fertilisers”  ————>


The vital but “majority-public-missed” point is that

both our Animalian higher “intelligence” mid-brain and ‘Godly-Special-People’s’  highest “intellect” upper-brain
became so only by ‘reincarnating’
those originally-sufficient and manifoldly various ‘sacred’ minerals
into our human-evolution and civilisational self-[development
over thousands of years —

but we, and our ancestors, and our descendants, have been “clapping-out” those many vital minerals
from “our” farming and market-gardening soils

such that now we can only obtain those essential “varieties of Life-Itself”
from “chemists” selling Vitamin and Mineral ‘artificial-supplements’ .

——————- other ‘chores’ now again ‘call’—–  as do both my teapot and my horizontal-facility —- [ 1844 ]..