Gotta Be This Or That – – 3: the Human-Civilisational Non-Sustainworthinessing Militancy

Look around all the Nation-States of this World,
and search through their proliferous Governmentals,
‘Vigilantes & Warlordisms’
and Medfias

and you will not find one that is both itself sustainworthy and “others-Sustainworthy-ing” —

and search likewise through the “Twitters” of the wildly majoritous “inter-communicating” world
of perfectly knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced individuals –

and you will likewise find not one sustainworthy-&-sustainworthying individual, either.

Why is this “weaponry-brainy gapping-up human-race-of-‘lemmings’
thus so ‘brazenly-insidiously’ and increasingly self-drivenly
sliding down the Sheer Cliff
of Earth-Lifesujpports-Destruction
into the Abyss of Inevitable Self-Extinction ?


———————————  (answers in indelible-ink on your own very best shirt-tails please )———————–.

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