The Earth-1 Human Civilisation’s Hierarchical Dys-mind-functioning:- some further instances and scrutinisation-starts

A further ‘Scrutinisation’ task and ‘opportunity’.-

The Nine-fold Divine Human-Energies

and the place of Sexuality within {and ‘without’} them .

Simply sketched, the Human-Relationship with this Earth environment requires
seven traditional *
and two ‘extra-connective’ awarenes & orientation energies**
(one bottommost legs and feet downwards facing ((below the #1 Root (Baptismal/Grounding) centre at the occyx of the spine))
the other topmost upwards facing from above the #7 Crown (Unction/Spacing) centre, at the peak of the skull ‘and fontanelle’.

These nine ‘intro- and extra- connective energy centres are “divinely innate”
and might be further identified with our “variously-different selves**.
#1  Root/Baptismal/Grounding energy (Hindu ‘chakra’)

#2  Hara -“breadbaskedt”/Confirmational/Centring energy

#3  Solar-Plexus/Communion/Bounday-ing energy

#4  Heart -and Lungs/Relationships & Marriage/Bonding energy
[ Note:  The Lungs are very important for providing “life energy” or “prana” to the heart and the ensuing blood circulation ]

#5  Throat/Confessional/Sounding energy
[Note:  here  the “onward-progress-facilitating forgiveness” is conditional upon ‘doing more right and less wrong’;
it is like a two-way gate that “doing-right”  lets those parts of your ‘selves’ progress onwards and upwards ‘unencumbered’,
but “doing wrong” keeps back those of ‘selves’ still ‘self-encumberfing’ and disallowed from passing through : (as-it-were)]

#6  Pineal “third-eye”/Ordinationa/Facing energy

#7  Crown/Unction/Spacing energy
[Note: here Unction is a one-way only “no return” passage through the “gateway of Heaven itself” – anmd the gate closes behind that part of your selves and cannot return ‘down’:  again ‘as-it-were)]

{ Lifestreams .by David Boadella;  and  Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss }
The #1 Root/Baptismal/Grounding ‘chakra’ needs to be initially supported by the legs, feet, toes, and soles
which ‘connect’ downwards with the Earth or ‘external’-ground [and could be ‘dubbed’ #0 ];

whilst just under the very top of the head the #7 energy centre/chakra
performs the Crown “thousand-petalled-lotus”/Unction/Spacing
[inwards and outwards orienting or ‘introverting and extraverting’]
As a centre or chakra it is the final-internal-to-external function, relating to the “Divine” or “Christ” Entity ‘Itself’:
it is possibly helpful to “see” #7 as needing one further link to “all-that-is-above”
possibly ‘thought of’ as the 8th ‘divine-body’/chakra/Emmanuel-HQ/”Sweet-Chariot’ or ‘Ascension-Path’.

=======================2055  “Let us prepare to reconnoitre the Sexual-energy and its place or places in the above Human-Divine-Lifespan ——–============================

^<—–  Today Wednesday 1929 ===
———-Yesterday Tuesday —and before —–v



but surely ‘War’ itself is already a ‘Double-Crime’ –
primarily against Earth-1’s Natural & ‘God-Created’ Lifesupports
secondarily against the Human Race itself.


Hello again – and we’re following the Peter Lavelle “Crosstalk” RT News – Freeview channel 135

[about the USA’s current and strategic ‘overkill’
(of multiple-‘allied’ contingency-war against North Korea –
potentially close to being triggered by North Korea’s inhumane dictatorial president)

and inseparably also touching upon the insidiously-looming ‘Shadow’ of both the whole East Region “fl;aring-up”
and indeed an increasingly very-possible multi-extinctional WW3 -World War III.

———– PL “North Korea’s “self-defence” argument seems quite reasonable” — ? ——->
——> break 0326- jsdm notes that The Keiser Report warns that
(i)  the World’s current multi-trillion Paper & Derivatives Currencies are hugely “inflated”
and increasingly-imminently ‘collapsible’
(ii)  the possible Stabilising new ‘Crypto-currencies’
(set non-inflatably at a more real-lifesupports-representative few billions)
is still unreliable

—————————————————>  continuing CrossTalk —->
the American participant professor advises
(“) I always tell my students,
that allowing nuclear-weapons {qua WMD] to exist on this planet Earth
is like leaving a loaded gun in a Kindergarten – some time some-one is going to pick up that gun and fire it (“)

BUT again
the chair-facilitator PL reminds us that
we are still “caught on the horns of the dilemma”
that N Korea has a “right” to have a Nuclear-arsenal for “self-defence” – ??? problem-issue —–> 0342