Getting Going ———–>

We each, in some sense or other, do already “get going” in some way or other, all the time –
– so this particular “Getting Going” needs some new-focusings :– To remain “positivising” keep returning to the

Green Guidances

e.g.  (1)  Next time you don’t have to be work-concentrating,
slow your whole self down,
lower your upper eyelids (but keep your eyes open behind them)
and then feel how your breath is managing itself,
and start “wishing” it to both slow down
and then to spend one second more with the in-breath but  no pause at the top,
3 seconds more with the outbreath,
and half-a-second more pausing at the bottom
– and it is recommended to breath both in and out through the nose
for this ‘beginning basic’ self-control exploration and further-enablement..-

See also other positivising exerpts, mostly so far in black, from Basics and Foundations Guidances
in and .

——————– 0700 Monday 31 July 2017——————-

The & Our “Predicament”


Our self and our civilisation,
need to be made much more immediately
and for the Longest-Likely Term

Many things
and at least some human-habits
are already worthy
of-longest-term sustainment –


very many things,
and human-habits
are definitely not..

need to be
sorting the one from the other –
and making lists thereof.


As well, we need to be
some vital but very badly neglected new Knowledge and Practical-life enablements.
and preciously carrying them forward.

There are many old ways and things that are sustainworthy
and many neglected new ways and things
that should be carried-forward

We have excerpts from some already, here in these three e-sites

there are surfeits of things,
and of human ways,
that are ‘obsolete’
– even destructively-harmful –
and we need to be to be sorting, quarantining,  ‘deeply-dungeoning.,
or doing-away-with these 

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