Whole-Self Preparing and Testing

Preparing and Testing – – – for what ?
Simply for the Human-Race Future
as well as for your-and-our-own remaining living timeframes on this Earth1.


Starting Grounds:-

(1)  “Communally” or more deeply-historicly “Collectively” –
both Lifeforms-Evolution and Civilisational-Development appear to be longest-term dividing into “eras”.and “stages”.

–  so in our History we have “the Stone Age —–> the Agrarian (farming) Revolution
the Renaissance ——-> the Industrial Revolution
the Science & Medicine Revolution —————- > the Ecolonomic Individual-Human-Development Revolution (now beginning).

These “advances” are similar to the movements of the Earth’s geological convergent tectonic plates

wherein one plate is sliding under
or sideways along
a different plate,

each tens-of-thousands of square miles in extent, but “getting-stuck” for hundreds of years,
maybe for thousands, but sometimes only in multiples of ten years –

before suddenly breaking “free” and lurching hugely “onwards”..


Our human natural-evolution also “grows”
in sort-of “node-through-internode” to “next-node”stages;

and our civilisations likewise develops our body-mind-spirit
in stages amounting to “levels” and “layers”.


For us humans, the progress of our manifold “Mind-functions”
is largely led by a combination pattern between
our already-established past ‘achievements”

and our now-and-future needs
and our opportunity to both survive and thrive.


But this latter great ‘opportunity’ will always need you ( and me) to be both
personally and civilisationally-collectively
 “longest-term-sustainworthy-ing” –

which can only start “from the bottom” (you, and separately me)

“working” alone at new enablements  –
using the best available and affordable
[ for the Lifeplace
and not ‘commandingly’ for nor by any Workplace]-

The best ongoing foundation works I know and  recommend are
(1)  Your Body: biofeedback at its best without, instruments, machines nor artificiality [by Beata Jencks];

further in-depth supported by
Creative Visualisation [NB by Ronald Shone – not Shakti Gawain] ;

Somatics by Thomas Hanna

The Busy Person’s Guide To Easier Movement  by Frank Wildman

for other neglected work see the lists in support e-sites  www.lifefresh.co.uk ;  and www.one-human-living.com ..


Your main concern is to found yourself in a more honest and secure personal-foundation,

majorly-safely using your Imagination

as well as your life-experience, your formal and moral reasoning minds,
and your newly sustainworthy-ing  progress


-Using my 7-Fold Holistic Living Model ‘Domains’ gives a more all-round and in-depth scope than do the 5-fold models. :-
1  Physiological;
2  Emotions;
3  Mind-Functions;  – this where the Imagination is so vital to be understood, encompassed, and safely-controlled by yourself. [1417]

4  Environmental :
(a) Bio- ;
(b) Built-
(c) People –
(i) Intimate
(ii) Personal
(iii) Worldplace
(iv) Workplace;
(v) “Neutral”  (e)  Non-Friendly/Adversary
(f)  Hostile
(g)  Outrightly murderous or Injurious
(d)  Other …

5 Spiritual ;

6  “Sanctuary Now
7  Workplace  (kept separate from all the above Lifeplace ‘domains’, exigentially/’for various reasons)

{for further details please scroll down through www.lifeplace-co-uk  and www.one-human-living.com  “Basics” and “Foundations” pages.


{My above 7-Fold model is a “Real-World Lifeplace” extension of the otherwise 5-Fold
(i) UN Holistic model
and (ii) the USA Psychiatric Holistic Nursing model : [Beck, Rawlins,& Williams]
1  Physiologicals;
2 Emotions;
3 Mental;
4 Social;
5  Spiritual.]


:I suggest having a little notebook and pencil-with-eraser,  to be ‘logging” and “journalling” yourself.;
and start with the self-explorations of  Your Body by Beata Jencks, beginning in chapter 4.

My ‘off the cuff’ descriptives

1  Physiologicals – self-‘closed-circuitly’ be frequently ‘snapshotting your body parts.

2  Emotions – likewise be frequently ‘log-timeframe-like’ revisiting your various emotional-states of the day so far.

3  Mind-Functions (include all the school-university “educational”-subjects)
(a)  of especially top-priority will be Imagination
its “rescuing” and its “right-recognition, its application. itseducation and training, its development & practicing.

—-  continuable  —-

for instance,  Our “9/10ths” submerged “unconscious mind”

as actually having

——— 1412  ——> chores again ———————–>