Sample Self-Starters

Here we intend to progress through specific Basics and Foundations guidances.

(1)  from The Centering Book page 28 —–>

Side-Stepping Negative Energy

  • (Partly but ‘faithfully’ paraphrased)
    Young people receive a lot of verbal hostility from parents, teachers, and peers.
    Hardly a day passes in which someone doesn’t tell them to
    “sit down”, “shut up”, “eat your beans”, “go jump in the lake”, and “don’t do that again, ever”.
    Often these demands are made in angry and hurtful ways.

One of the interesting things about anger is is that it is often carried-forward and misdirected:
we get ‘mad’ at one person or thing but ‘take-it-out’ on another.

It helps to regard anger as one of the “negative energies” –   [1931]

and some types of negative (or “negativising”) energy are best “side-stepped” –

I   Imagine the bad thing is like a ‘breeze’ that you can feel going right past you (but not into you).
2   Imagine the bad thing is like an ‘arrow’ that simply sails-by as you ‘step-aside’.

3   Ask:  “Are you sure you’re mad at the right person ?”
4   Say: “It hurts when I get yelled at”.
5   Make a circle with yopr thumb and forefinger –
(for very young children, imagine you are a duck and the bad thing slips off you completely, like water off a duck’s back) .——> [1942]