Gotta Be This Or That —–>

Might as well begin by ‘thinking’ -= “Gott To Be This Or That”    [0440]

Our “facer”* is

If you ain’t hourly-personally & daily-neighbourhoodly-
increasingly co-sustain-worthy-ing –

then   no matter how much “family” you have

how many “friends” –

how “affluent” your neighbourhood –

  • how “middle-class and ‘committee’d” or ‘civil-service’d’ you arehow much an “established” part of The Great Britain Establishment

or high-up in “the World Social-Mobility Pyramid”

or in the “International-Community”  –

you are still in a seriously-lacking Pre-Relationship predicament



.A “facer” is “a difficult question to answer”.  {choring — 0527 — ——–>