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(1) .
“USA police shoot unarmed man 45 times -” [shown on RT News today]

? —>  How far ahead of or behind the USA
is Britain – and are “the British people” –
in the Matter of “equal-respect for human lives and needs”?


“- There may be more than just one

‘Nation-less State’ in the World ”
“Nation” means “The People” ;
“State” means the Land, the Borders, the Constitution, Establishment and Government.


So the real-sense-on-the-ground of “nationless”
“the State’s total People are powerless and ineffective – [‘dummies’] “.

———————–> ?  How far into being “nationless” might the United Kingdom be seen as ? 


“Just how “myriad” are the experiences and abilities of the Human-Being ?

Some original religions did set out to be nurturant of the “whole-human-being” –

Christianity’s Roman-Catholic church achieved the insightful wisdom of the
(“) “Progressively 7-fold Innate Divine Human Sacramental ‘Spirits’
i 1 Baptism  2  Communion  3 Confirmation  4 Relationship/Marriage  5  Confessional  (6)  Ordinational  (7)  Unctional ;


and the Protestant Church of England recognised the same “Divinely Innate Spirits” but placed 2 and 3 in reverse order of succession –

(2)  Confirmation   (3)  Communion .

Also, the Church of England whilst recognising the same “7 Deadly Sins” as the Roman-Catholic church
{ Wrath; Greed; Sloth; Pride; Lust; Envy; Gluttony. ),

nevertheless constructed it’s own “Book of Common Prayer”
in which a “Litany” is still included
[and may be said, even ‘learned by heart’ (i.e. by repetitious-recital practice as dictated by most religious-bodies) ]

and within that Litany appears especially what a church leader quite ‘recently’ called “The Eight Deadlier Sins”

“From …” 1 Blindness of Heart  2 Pride   3 Vainglory  4 Hypocrisy  5 Envy  6  Hatred  7  Malice  8  All-Uncharitable Hardness-of-Heart – “good Lord deliver us”. .


If we next take just the progress of the “Roget’s Thesaurus” succesively ‘proliferating’ lists of Contents,

it is clear we do have a “myriad” of human experiences and abilities

and yet 

whilst we do each and all have the same basic physiological needs
(for the same daily  amounts of drinking-water, food, shelter, body-movement, and so forth)

ask people  “What are our common Human-Needs ?” and most will quickly come to answering that
“We all have different needs -“


—————————————————–>  ?   How akin to the (2) above’s “nationless State” state are we now, here ? —–>1350  1405———>