The Interim Sustainworthying Emergency (0300 –> 0500 Th 27 07 17)

  • The Interim Worldwide Human-Civilisations Sustainworthying Emergency

Given the inescapably-urgent and vital need for the “Resiliencing” of our Human-Race, already here and now, on Earth1 —

a quick Note :-


( now “alone and independent” )

could be unilaterally “marshalling” literally millions of caravans
with which to infrastructure the below strategic-suggestion for

“Mass De-Urbanisation of populations”
into “Rural Egalitarianly-Leased Sustainworthy-ing Estates, Villages and Towns”

at least for an “initial short-term 50 years” …


Worldwide with much “huger” populations
this major “Self-&-Civilisation Sustainworthying Resettlement Peaceful-Revolution”

might need to “marshal” hundreds-of-millions of “marquee-sized Tents” into suitable rural and outer-city land-tracts locations


There can surely be no excuse whatsoever
for not at least “trialling”
such New Sustainworthy-ing Communities
with a few thousands of “volunteer people and emulable-leaders”.

——– 0255 –>  from the current “RT NEWS Keiser Report interviewing an “up-front in-touch expert” – Mr JP Sottile of –

[paraphrasing and summarising]
“The active challenging presence of the USSR kept the USA “on its competitive-toes” –
to keep up-dating a better “civilisation-product” with which to win the support of “the Rest-of-the-World” –

and to USA “creating” more and more “attractive” Money-Products and Derivatives –

which  might have helped to catalyse the (‘;premature’) fall of the USSR –

which ‘liberated’ the USA
(and its train of “allied countries”)
free to be “king-of-the-world-castle”
and to run-loose with a further “Wild-West” era –
with no further “need” to keep creating attractive “Products” for the World to buy or invest-in –

it was no longer “sustainable” to be doing that –

but instead it became possible to deliberately make a market rise – and then to “fall” –
both ways for the major-players to make “fortunes” from –  (0336)

which in turn led to the “$US financialisation” of World Markets-

and the USA creation of many “financial widgets” which people could buy and invest-in –

but this too was “insider-manipulable” and beyond the control of the market-investors –

they found couldn’t rely on those widgets –

So the whole series of decades was filled with the USA -and followers –
finding “ways of ameliorating the Problem without actually confronting or solving it – ” (JP Sottile).

Max Keiserf adds (“) So people no longer have any influence on these Markets

nor control even of their own money – But they can buy cars, and borrow the sale-price from the Car-Manufacturer itself at high-interest –
There’s a huge ‘rupture’ of a “rogue Technology having jumped out of the Box” –

but people love it because it’s tied to World-Secure Money (the USA dollar) – (“) 0357

JP Sottile agrees and continues:
(“)  so instead of saving a good pension, people bought into the “ever-rising Stock Market” to make their ‘fortunes’.-

it’s a growing tech-bubble and “we’ll all be rich” – we’ll be retiring early, and golfing and windsurfing all day,, and taking Viagra – and having an amazing time –
and Wall St became delighted that ordinary workers started heavily “gambling” on the Stock Market
and on new Derivatives, which is a monstrous “Game” – of buying and selling “Debt” – which in turn “bursts” or “collapses” = (0419)


Stacy Herbert asks (“) We’re nearly out of time – let’s talk about Solutions – there’s “let’s make America great again”
and  what about the huge upsurge in drug-addiction – ?

and “meganomics” with Silicon Valley’s new “feudalism”
and Facebook – building properties for their employees to live in –
because of high rents, the allegedly highest-paid people in the USA are unable to afford the highest-rents –
Google doing similar capitalising –

But on the other hand Goldman-Sachs and Janet Yellan have said that
it is the “opioid epidemic” that is basicly causing the catastrophe in the American Economy
and  ‘we’re gonna run out of money to incarcerate all these drug-addicts as well’  ,
– how is all that related to this “financialisation” era ?(“)  (0437)

JPS responds: (“) It’s tough; we seem to be at a crossroads where it’s either a StarTrek wondrous future or a ‘Bladerunner’ predicament – (0439)

we do need to become more “self-employed” – but that needs an open-support-network, secure from the “banksters” who would suck it dry – (0443)

and it needs some overarching Arbiter or Umpire, such as a Government department to ensure all trading is fair and secure from both inside and outside manipulation –

such could possibly include “hyper-local trading networks” which do also need such overarching “protections”. (0449)

(“) The basics of life are going to have to be met at a “Societal level” – this is Social SXecurity, Health Care – evrything to make sujre thatg vujlnerable people dson’ fall through the ‘cracks’ into this kind of Abyss of opioid addiction –

we need to re-organise our civilisation from being Acquisitive to becoming Inquisitive
and thus learning more,  and much more effectively … (“)
[ jsdm -and much more adequately – longest-term Sustainworthily. ] .. (“)

Max :  “Time’s up – thanks for being this Report – “.


============== must go self-nursing ==== and ‘choring’ =========== Thank you ==========