Just How ‘New’ is “New Every Morning Is The Love” ? – with a little “reminder” for you

I print cards and a flyer –
but am a bit ‘shy’ of handing them out:
here’s one

“Whatever any and all of the Organisations you belong to
that you ‘own’
or that own you –


and whatever they require of you, or forbid you to do,


you will always be faced with the one Truth, Fact, and Necessity –

to be “owning” and “owning-up-to”
every part of yourself – good, bad and ‘indifferent’ –
and to also be facing up to every part of the Universe and this Earth’s
Common Life Needs and ‘Hows’.

Start “self-checking” now and making your own notes.

Other notes taken from neglected Sources and Guidances can help you in this –

try some of the Basics and Guidances given in this e-site
and in its support-sites
www.one-human-living.com  and  www.lifefresh.co.uk

the new –

as well as neglected-old
basics of new knowledge & know-how
may significantly  surprise you


This is all Not-for profit, power nor prestige –

Simply for Life.

As the Aussies say:
“Go for your Life” now.

—————–1207 ———————

1145 Th 270717

================ –

——–0645 “dropped off” on the wooden upright chair –

\dreamed : up in an organ loft, looking at the horizon distance –

a woman’s voice calls ” – where are you ?”

and to answer I try to show myself
by climbing up onto the big diapason organ pipes –
but in succession they ‘turn’ flimsy like thin cardboard, and slowly “keel over” –

I think – “I’ll pick them up once I’m down again” —

[which after the “woke up” realisation I don’t “need” to do anymore -]

[But one does have a new opportunity to “pick oneself up” in some way or other –
[1140 Th 27 07 17] in my case here, to practice slowly moving my pain-ing lower back up off the chair –
it has become a bit to too painful and slow to get up up off my bed –
so the GP duty-doctor will see me this afternoon -) 

=============== (0654)-(0657)

0600 – “garbage out” does not necessarily result in “garbage in”;

============ –

0525   had quarter of a big mug of hot tea – and two 500mg Paracetemols –

0529 now half way through a small bowl of fruited porridge

– ———— need to make more frequent “whole big body slow and gently continuous movements” ————-

  • ——– also monitoring TV News channels ——-
    ——- —- I miss SKY [which was a very costly “break-downs and non-performer” to this 39B rental place]
    only because Freeview has practically no Documentaries of any note ———  0535