Make Our “Genericly Worldwide Human-Core” Worthy of Sustainment ?

1900 Wednesday 26 July 2017 – 1944

The following is “in progress” to the UK House of Lords’s

War Crimes in Iraq

by Lord Hylton • 26/07/2017 • 0 Comments

Antony Loyd is a veteran war correspondent, who has reported from Bosnia, Chechnya and Iraq.
Following the expulsion of ISIS/Daesh from the city of Mosul in Iraq,
he has described the killing of some prisoners by Iraqi forces
and the beating and brutalizing of others.
Please see his 3-column article in The Times for Saturday 22 July.
This describes the rough justice dealt out by an Iraqi judge in Hamdaniya, near Mosul.


It appears that the Iraqi component of the anti-Isis coalition is repeating old mistakes,
by allowing atrocities against captured enemies.
I remember only too well the massacres of Bosnians by Serbs in Srebrenica,
the wrong done by Americans to their prisoners at Abu Ghraib in Iraq
and by British forces in Basrah.

Some may say that such things are bound to happen.
I reply that responsible Governments must try their utmost to prevent them.
If they fail to do so, the jihadis, who believe in their duty to conquer the world,
will have yet another grievance, with which to gain new recruits.

It is our duty to stop terror and war continuing for generations to come.
Battles must be won, but we must also win hearts and minds.


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26/07/2017 at 5:34 pm

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First, dear and noble Lord Hylton – you
and each and all “in power” or “influence” –
must establish your-selves and what you “stand-for” – “Sustainworthy”.

“Longest-Term Self-&-Civilisation Sustainworthy –
& Sustainworthy-ing of all ‘subjects’ and others-worldwide”.
Peruse, scrutinise, and learn-from :
Documentaries such as “How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth”,
Personal Lifeplace Developmental sources & guidances such as
“The Busy Person’s Guide To Easier Movement” (Wildman);
“Your Body: biofeedback at its best[without instruments, machinery or artificiality] (Jencks);
“Continent In Crisis” (Prof David Smith) –
“This Changes Everything” (Naomi Klein)
[despite the focus compelled to be the ‘politically-correct’ “Climate Change”
which is so ‘foggy’ it should have said clearly “Climate Worsening”] – not Naomi’s “fault” –
but that of each and all-of-You up there on-high.


Not only these Iraq War Crimes but a seething-mass of other Wastefully-and Criminally Destructive ‘Happenings’
and Future-Intentions will continue to swallow-us like “sinkholes”
and will sooner rather than later “Extinct” us –

– and whether or not the hidden but “Good Extra-Terrestrials” have already developed a superior “race”
with which to start occupying all our failed buildings, our homes, workplaces, infrastructures, and various countrysides –
[soon all might become utterly-vacant and empty of humankind]
– such a “Life-Back-Up Plan” may turn out to be
not only “impossible” –
but “God’s Revised Purpose” –

we set about genericly “resilienting” and “sustain-worthy-ing”
our peace-building-and-maintaining “Human-Core”

——— And there is a bit more ——


——— yet to be submitted ————>

The “world International Community”
-which doubtless includes you Lord Hylton [but not the ‘billions likes-of-me’] –

needs to keep itself and all of us TV or “World” Public, “daily” up to date with the insidiously-negative exponentialities of

(1) the increasing Shortfall between Earth’s Carrying Capacity


Our ‘Righteously’ Vast Human Population Numbers and Corruptly Financed

and Wastefully-Privilegocratic-Distribution-‘fiddling’ civilisation-pyramids.

(2) The absence of Holistic Health building –

due to the monopolisticly-purpose-‘perfect’ misnamed “National Health Service” which in fact is not even keeping pace with its true purpose of “National Medical Illnesses & Hospitals Sector”.

(3)  The similar Politically-&-Establishmentarianly Inhibitive “closed-ranks-ings” against  such (i) Sustainworthying” (ii) “Holistic Health building” and now (iii) ‘No Lose’ Method III of Cooperative Needs-&-Affordable-Hows and ‘win-win-win’ Planning & Problem-Solving –

both “constitutionally ‘top-down’ “,  and “grass-rootsly ‘bottom-up’ ” .

The relevance here, Lord Hylton,  to your up-front topic, is that –

“Without English and Worldwide catch-up and advancement in the above high-priorities, there will continue to be
“militantly interventional and inter-destructive” slippery-slopes
down into more and more “blood-on-the-streets” and

“conflagrationally co-criminal  wars” –

until our collectively suppressed-fears of Extinction
are made by such “strengths and democratic peace-purposes”
to come calamitably True.

It is painfully surprising that our Civilisation can still “need” and “spare” all the huge

(a)  Weapons-Workforces
and Deliverance-Armies
that flamethrow those weapons ‘loose’ around the World
simply “in order to defend the Style of Life To Which We Leadingky-Democratic ‘Westerners’ are Accustomed”.

(b)  Working, Middle, Upper and Establishmentary
“personnel numbers” to dominantly-and-‘perfectly’ {***} fill and ‘discharge’ such destructive and “divinely-constitutional” “duties”.

(c)  Organisations to “humanitarianly” distribute the “peaceful bandaids” for the “collateral damage” and war-criminalities;

and to mount campaigns “against” such “unacceptable happenings” in future, such as we come across in this (understandably well-intentioned) post of yours, Lord Hylton – the Iraq War Crimes –

Alas! we have to continue to “battle” with such utterly wasteful Forces and Civilisational-Constitutions –

despite most of us beginning to realise that when an Organisation (or an Individual) has achieved “perfection” – that Organisation, and that Individual, can no loinger learn anything new –

they already “know-enough”, even “know-it-all” [***}.

========= that second “for worldwide-public-information ” lot is now awaiting Lords of the Blog publication of our first (above) submission ——–1935 ——>1944 ———>