A Human Being’s “Identity” and “Rights”

Including “social-mobility’ carbuncle-issues of “Inequality”

Human Civilisation has
at least one deeply-buried “internal-carbuncle’

  • deeper then the skin, the senses, the flesh-&-bone, the heart, the gut, and the brain –
  • lurking like a deep-seated cancer in the Human-Spirit itself.
    [not ‘evolved’,
    that would be a criminal-insult against Nature Itself
    and thereby a blasphemy against God (‘Him’self)
    Who created Nature in the first place ].
  • ———–
  • Now,
    the various UN Declarations and National Bills of Human ‘Rights’
    are not founded upon
    a Sustainworthy Prioritisation of Human Needs both Individual and Collective-
  • and thereby are toxicly-supporting if not actually causing
  • mass-delusion 
  • and multiple-lifesupports-overkillings –

    this Human-Race must be under the insidious-dominance
    of a very-fallible ‘Other-Almighty-Power than God” – namely
  • “Fun & Play Extra Terrestrials”  –

  • Yet –

  • is your publisher here the only human-being to be ‘discussing’ these matters ?
  • and doing so in some occasionally stronger-than-fun-&-play “good-&-healthy spirit’
    “esotericly-dealt-to certain-individuals throughout the hujman-race on Earth
    by a more-‘omnipotent’ extra-terrestrial source ?


0125 W 26 July 2017———>0457

  • a Carbuncle is a multi-pus-headed sore “boil” often on the side of the neck
    [it is not an “affluently four-wheeled partner to a ‘carbaunt “‘
  • ===========================================================