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0930 Monday 24 July 2017-

The following matters are in progress for the UK “Lords-of-the-Blog” public e-site .

I wish to make submissions to the calls for evidence that you notify are being issued;

but I have disabilities and impairments, and certain increasing ‘frailties’ as my 19th October 2017 90th ‘birthday’ approaches;

and being ‘retired’ have only Lifeplace abilities but no adequate Workplace skills nor even micro-skills

[as may be mandatory for completing such citizen’s formal submissions to government and to such calls-for-‘evidence’

such as these new (probably very welcome) ‘calls’ probably do.]


All I can say ‘up-front’ is that my previous and current submissions to Lords of the Blog (since May 2010)
have expressed my experiences, ‘life-commitments’, and current thinking;

and that I am voluntarily running three not-for-profit, power nor prestige e-sites
with further similar – but often broader, deeper and more detailed – content, reference, and implication. ; ; .


And that I wish to make further comment hereunder, and hereto, too.

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As brief as I am able therefore, my response to the three first ‘calls’ would be

(1)  Overall, start thinking and acting “self-&-civilisation sustainworthy-ingly” [in which I would strongly suggest high-priority
re-evaluating the Sources and Guidances listed within all my previous e-submissions]

(2) Artificial-Intelligence:  from my random reading and research, “artificial-intelligence” is a massively over-“charisma’d” penny-squib;
and if “virtual-world games” (currently advancing too and back in the News with enablements to bounce a floating midair “tennis” ball
off a wall and even use it to knock over “furniture” or maybe whole “buildings”) are included both need to be seen on the basic
GIGO “garbage in-garbage out” factor.  I would also suggest clarifying our terminology and mind-conceptuality
by re-visiting the “three-brains” especially the limbic  Intelligence brain which is directly evolving from the Senses
[the deeper Rhinic brain being linked to our Instincts,
and the fore-and uppermost brain being our “unique-on-Earth” Intellect linking to abstract-thinking].


An instance of such clarification-of-terms and deconflating of minds,
is surely the unquestioned use of “Intelligence” in its real-sense of “(mere) Information” –
the limbic-brain being hardly used at all because that Information goes up through the limbic-memory to be actively-processed by the Intellect.

————————- end 222222222222222 ————


(3)  Political Polling and Digital Media:  The “stuck-in-the-mud” advance into Participative Democracy also prevents the broader, deeper
and ‘urgently-ongoing’  ‘airing-and-cooperative public discussion’ of the whole “citizen’s democratic response-ability 24/7/52”
and of the “what-I-need voting process”.

In short, we need to be voting NOT for ‘armies’ of protectedly-privileged sedentarily ‘yapping’ politicians and members-of-parliaments,
but for real-life “Prioritised Lists of Needs & Affordable Hows” which need only a very small “Merit-ocratic Legislative Parliament”
assisted by the Civil Service.


(4) Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 :

I believe, and to some real; extent also “think”, that “unfinished-historicly”a constitutional-and-real-life peaceful-revolution is overdue;

and that a major preparatory “shift” would be the de-urbanisation creation of
“Sustainworthy-ing Self-Sufficient Egalitarian-Leasehold Rural Estates, Villages and Towns” all over the United Kingdom.


Given a concomitantly similarly “greater-seismic shift”, into “one-human-being needs just one-human-living” ,
and the intrinsic “holistic-health-building” that will have to become a separate service from the
“Medical National Illnesses-&-Hospitals Sector” (currently mis-named National Health Service –

many present city-dwelling workers would be enabled to “distance-work” via computers and telephones
from within their dwellings in their “Egalitarianly-Leasehold Shared Sustainworthying Country Estates”
thus becoming bio-environmentally positivising and “kitchen-garden” plus “market-gardening” participants also – all in a ‘flex-time’ “eight hour day” too.

———— end 33333333333333333333333


(5)  When the call comes for Citizenship and Civic Engagement democratic-participation-submissions, the “key” thought I offer would be –

“Re-design Citizenship and Civic Engagement

(i) around the Lifeplace and around people’s Lifeplace [not Workplace] Needs and Identities

(ii) not around the Workplace’s “social-mobility adversarily-competitive” Workplace “rat-race”

(iii) design “us Brits” under a new (United Nations)

“Sustainworthy-ing Earth Citizenship Development Model and Index”.


JSDM 0800 —-> 0849 Monday 24 July 2017 to the World General Public firstly via UK Lords of the Blog

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[Please note that the above is “in-transit” to the Lords of the Blog, in stages to accord with their usual 250 words limit.]