Another “filip” support for our Sustain-worthy-ing –

Oksana Boyle interviewing USA Intelligence master Matthew Kroenig
[RT News “Worlds Apart” documentary realities]

Our cities are becoming more and more insidiously invaded by


and our “democracies are largely “pseudo”
and are also majorly prone to
massive “piggybackings”, “group-thinks”, and “not-my-paygrade-nor-responsibility”

——  Enter Sustainworthy-ing Again —–
(people worldwide bottom-to-top and top-to-bottom)
need to get huge masses of people living outside of cities,
in “Sustainworthying Egalitarianly Leased ‘Self-Sufficiency’ Estates”

from where also most will be able to ‘extended-workplace’- communicate
with their previously highly depreciative city-offices –
by computer and telephone.

———— 2230  must go choring here  ———–