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EarthLife & HumanKind Sustainworthying.’


Summary :-  Our Human Numbers and Environmental Consumption & Destruction Long-Term Exponentially Rising
Planet Earth’s Lifesupports, Ecoilogical, and Economic Foundations and Plenitude are all exponentially falling

On a simple L-graph  –
X-axis of Time on this Earth planet
Y-axis of the more variable two progresses/regresses of

(1) EarthLife itself
[including all of our human-civilisations’ Lifesupports and Infrastructural-Resources, of course]
was high long-term and being “self-supportive”
by the “Natural Ecological Pyramid”
[each other successive “consumer” lifeform on Earth takes no more than 10% of the prey available]

(2) (A)  Our Human-Race’s Consumption, Life-Extinction,
and Resource-Annihilational-Destruction
gross and both lfe-extinctional and lifesupports-destructive Demands and “blitzkriegs”
versus ‘reciprocal-lifesupportings’
[qua bio-and non-bio ‘stewardship-of-planet EarthLife
‘in return’ for our Infrastructural & lifesupportive Takings and Destructions] ;
(B)  Our Human Population(s) Numbers
‘exponentially ballooning’

is driving us deeper and deeper into a “Lifesupports Shortfall”.

==============  “Answers” to this “painting-ourselves & life-on-Earth” into a self-extinctional Corner”, please: –  we don’t need you to “send them in”==========

Our answer, here in Voluntary Not-for-Profit, Power, nor Prestige e-sites (with two websites) ; ;

we invisible and ‘powerless’ few – nonetheless a longest-term-All-Lifeforms & Lifesupports Sustainworthying’ few
and both formally-logically and moral-reasoningly Stand up for

a peacefully-cooperatively worldwide bottom-to-top and top-to-bottom “growing”
not “economically” of more-and-more Consumer-Items and Paper-Monies
but of positive-&-positivising “Self-and-Civilisation Sustain-Worthy-ing”

and our submissions (over 600 published since May 2010)
to the UK House of Lords’s small voluntary group
of “Lords of the Blog”
which is an online e-site “two-way participatively-democratic-reach-out to the Public”