Our Human & Personal Identities : 2025 Sn 23 07 17

2311 ST 21 07 17 —-> 2028 Sunday 23 July 2017

Our Human & Personal Identities-
and the Surrounding Civilisation’s Expectations, Dictates,  and Demands:
BBC Parliament Youth Select Committee 14 July 2017

on BODY IMAGE as a part of “Youth Mental Health”
{‘goddammit’ we wish they’ve use the more universal and truthful term
“Mind-Functional Disability, Impairment, and Health-Building” }


The Chair
of the Youth Select Committee,
Thomas Copeland,
Tara Kaufmann of the UK Government Equalities Office (
one of the two “answering witness” women)

the question :-

“What and where are the Key Gaps in this Issue ?” 

Ms Kaufmann replies:
“Er, ah – that’s a really tricky question to ask The Government – /…/
this is a really big Issue .

.[  jsdm loosely paraphrasing now ]

youth being daily and nightly crowded around by
(a maelstrom including)
parents-demands, school, TV advertisements, unwitting-peer-pressures,
open public-space encounters
and “closed” places such as churches, NGOs, and clubs –
of different “citizen-lifestyle-&-personal roles” – /…/

Ms Kaufmann also says
and this Issue is not just for youth, but for everybody to be ‘part-of’ ...””


Would some-body please inform the Youth Committees, the Government,
and Public NGOs in open-generality

of the contributions being not-seen and taken-up –  neither by Governmental nor Public bodies
from such real-life sources as these “Self-&-Civilisation Sustainworthying” not-for-profit, power nor prestige sites

http://lifefresh.net ;
http://www.lifefresh.co.uk ;
http://www.one-human-living.com ;

and  by

{ the JSD Miles submissions being verbatim published since May 2010 ).

please …….

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