Can’t Respond ?. – but take and make notes, surely ! – e.g. this one’s about “Money” ——>


Whilst the “paper-currencies” were recently made “groundless”
(without an underlying support – which had ‘traditionally’ been Gold until the USA recently just removed it from under the Dollar) –

A New Kind of “Money” has been being developed   “grounded” in an deep impenetrably mathematical certainties –
called “Cryptocurrencies”.

These are “non-corruptible”
whereas “paper-currencies” are “corruptible” – they can be inflated, deflated – in the blink of a Government-quorum’s eye.
First, however, we must note that this new “cerypto-money” is not yet actually in “currency” –

you can’t buy £10-worth of crypto-coinage and spend it in high-street shops, or to get into a public- lavatory.

“Cryptocurrencies”v are still in the “market-money-trading” stage – just like gold still is
and like the share-market , and like the higher-risk-of-losing world-foreign-paper-currencies-exchange market still is today’

Question:  Why make an “issue” out of this ?

Answer:  Because .
(1) “Paper-currencies” not only still monopolisticly dominate both cash-expenditures and capital-investments

but have become much more unreliable and ‘volitile’ and ‘prone-to-collapse’

(2)  “Crypto-money” would be the ideally-secure, incorruptible, replacement for the world’s paper-currencies –

.BUT –

.(3)  It is not “ready” to become “retail-currency” –
only “esotericly-controlled back-up capital”,  the same as gold and diamonds
which are “capital” that can be “gambled with”..


Secure ‘though it is, it appears that “cryptocurrencies” will be no more “friendly”
to our now-non-negotiable worldwide Need for “Sustainworthying”
than are the currently-corruptible World Paper-Currencies
and their monopolistic “market-trade-ables” offshoots including Gold and Diamonds.

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