How Possible & Likely Is “Your” Survival

Clearly billions of people around the world’s Lifeplaces
, and 100;s-of-millions
up and down  the ‘socially-mobile international-community “leadership” pyramid’ Global-Workplace,

are entrapped
in some level of
“cloak-and-daggers drawn,
the devil take the hindmost,
‘competitive business, culture and “personal-human-right interest” ”
ongoingly  righteous and adversary-rule-0of-law
personal & organised cold-war – to the utter disablement and death of even theirselves.// 


1119 W 19 July 17  to be pursued “Competitively versus Cooperatively// Dictatorially versus Participatively”  ——?
1123 jsdm monitoring HARDtalk; Watching the Hawks; The Keiser Report, Cross-Talk, The Wright Stuff and similar documentaries =======