HS2 and UK’s Longest-Term Strategy for our Sustainworthy Thrival-Survival ?


UK’s Longest-Term Strategy
for our Sustainworthy Thrival-Survival ?
—> this essential planning simply doesn’t appear to exist,
even notionally-in-anyone’s-mind – 

except in the collective ‘virtual’ mind of we few
“sustainworthying” UK-and-Worldwide

Instance :-  HS2 high-fallutin’ new luxury rich-layabouts London to Glasgow train – and new railroad
which will be so easy to sabotage anyway


(i)  What fuel, ecolonomics, and people are going to sustainworthily-support it –
for the longest-term thousands of years Britain expects to thrive ?

(ii) HS2 is literally “destroying” new-towns such as _ _ _ _as well as old ones such as Lichfield

given that the longest-term survival Social Infrastructure
needs to make as top-priority
the mega-creation of Peacefully-Revolutionary Sustainworthying Rural Estates, Villages and Towns
for longest-term Sustain-worthy Human-Development & Comfortably-Frugal Ecolonomics

Lifesupports and Sustainworthy People Do Not “Fall From Heaven Like Manna”

HS2 —> In our view, such a 100 billion infrastructural “socio-economically-negative” white-elephant
would only be justified if it becomes a
freight-distribution “backbone”
supplying especially all the
new peacefully-revolutionary
“National Network of Sustainworthying Estates ”
a “wealthy-private and business individuals and teams ‘luxury-swanning’ exercise
and NOT a manpower-manhours-&-human-development